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Anti-tick tape

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Do you want to protect your darling as best as possible?

Your dog is not only a pet, but also a loyal family member that you want to protect.

Our tick collar contains only natural active ingredients that keep ticks, fleas and mites away without harming your dog or its environment . Protect your four-legged friend from unpleasant parasites  in a natural way and give him the security he deserves.

Effective protection for a free and happy dog!

With our tick collar, we offer your dog long-lasting protection of up to 8 months . It is adjustable to your dog's neck size and ensures maximum comfort.

Protect your dog from dangerous diseases!

Ticks can transmit life-threatening diseases to your dog. Our tick collar actively protects your dog from tick infestation and minimizes the risk of diseases such as Lyme disease and TBE.

Give your dog the best possible protection so they can stay healthy and happy .

Comfortable and waterproof - for maximum fun!

Our tick collar is not only effective in protecting against parasites, but can also be adjusted to the size of your dog's neck and ensures maximum comfort. It is waterproof , so that the effect is maintained even when it rains or when you take a bath.



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