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Exfoliating Foot Treatment (1 Pair=2 Pcs)


Pharmacy luxurious exfoliating foot mask that removes rough, dry and flaky skin after just one application, in the comfort of your home.

feet peeling mask

  • EASY EXFOLIATING: All you have to do is slip your feet into the foot mask socks, leaving on for an hour, and washing away. After application, dead skin will start to peel within 6-11 days. You can get baby soft feet in just one week!

  • BABY SOFT SMOOTH FEET: In as little as 1-2 weeks, our exfoliating foot peeling mask will soften and tenderize the skin on your feet by removing tough, dead, and callused skin.

  • POWERFUL BOTANICAL BLEND: Our foot peel mask is made with a combination of fruit acids and extracts that helps to remove dead skin cells from your soles to smooth out rough heels.

  • ANY SIZE: Our foot exfoliator mask for dry, cracked feet fits feet of most shapes and sizes (up to a men's size 11), making it perfect gift idea for both men and women.
  • DERMA TESTED/PAIN FREE: The quality and safety of the foot mask is guaranteed by the Independent USA based Global Product Testing Lab.

People often neglect foot carewhich results in numerous diseases ingrown nails, fungus-infected nails,corns, calluses, and plantar wartsetc.
Our main goal is to be a reminder ofhow important foot treatment isand how easy it can be withwell-chosen cosmetics.


Maintain your feet's beauty andhealth in an organic andnatural way - all our formulasare 100% safe, helpful &clinically approved - so, youcan not only provide beautycare for your foot but also getrid of unwanted symptoms,diseases and keep the effectfor a long time.